About Flowing from Center

Flowing from Center is about supporting you in connecting and living your life from a center of  strength, vitality, peace and serenity.  When we are in alignment with our center, our life becomes an ever-expanding, unfolding, joyful flow. When we are not in alignment with our center our Life Force becomes blocked and we experience discomfort and discontent in our lives. This can manifest in many ways such as:

  • Physical pain, discomfort and illness
  • A tiredness or lack of energy
  • A sense of being ungrounded and scattered
  • Unhealthy expression of emotions
  • Unsatisfying relationships
  • Unfulfilling work or inability to express your unique gifts and talents
  • Lack of inspiration or creativity in life
  • A feeling of disconnection from self, others, or life
  • Lack of meaning or purpose in life

Connecting and living  life from a true center is a journey we all meant to take and one very needed to heal ourselves and to express our greatest potential. To support you on this journey I teach a moving meditation called T’ai Chi Chih that consists of 19 slow, gentle movements and one pose. T’ai Chi Chih powerfully circulates and balances our Life force removing blockages that stop us from flowing from our center. The circulation and the balancing of our internal energy has a profound healing effect on the body, mind and spirit.  Another name for T’ai Chi Chih is Joy thru Movement because when our energy is flowing freely from our center the feeling is one of joy.

T’ai Chi Chih is easy to learn and can be done by anyone regardless of age or physical condition, including those in wheelchairs. One can learn all 19 movements and one pose in  8 one hour sessions.

I teach T’ai Chi Chih in the following formats.

  • Beginner classes
    In these classes one is given an introduction to  all the movements and the principles of how to move.
  • Continuing classes
    In these classes one will deepen and refine their understanding of the movements and principles, enhancing the flow of their intrinsic energy.
  • Privates
    This is for anyone that would like to learn or deepen and refine the movements in a one on one setting.

Additionally, I teach the understanding and integration of the principles of energy flow that help you align with and flow from your center in your moment to moment life. The integration of these principles in your life is very supportive in working directly with your habit energies. Your habit energies are what block your Life Force bringing pain, discomfort, or discontent in your life. I do this work through privates in person or on the phone.

About Marie Dotts

chi flow yoFrom the moment I stepped into my first T’ai Chi Chih class 20 years ago, I knew I was HOME. The soft, graceful but powerful movements spoke deeply to my soul. They spoke of the possibility of moving and flowing through life from a center of strength, vitality, joy, peace and serenity. The calling to the contemplative journey, a journey of awakening to a true center within and flowing through life from that center has been a passion throughout my whole life. It has been a passion even as I have journeyed as a Licensed Practical Nurse, a Software Engineer for Hewlett Packard, a mother of three boys, and a CNA for Pathways Hospice.

I have been an accredited teacher of T’ai Chi Chih for 18 years. I have taught mostly in the Twin Cities, MN area and am very excited about bringing this joyful and healing practice to Northern Colorado.

I have also been a student of the Diamond Approach for the past 7 years. The Diamond Approach was developed by A. H. Almaas and is an inner work path grounded in psychology and self-awareness and dedicated to the discovery and development of the Human Essence.