“Chi is the Cosmic Principle life principle.  It is that which makes us living beings and produces vibrations.  Without vibrations and movements this world would not exist.  We are able to live because every part of the immeasurable realm of Chi is constantly vibrating.  We are, in fact nothing but a mass of vibrations – a unit of the energy of the infinite Cosmic Chi.  This Cosmic Chi, the Cosmic energy called “Intrinsic Energy,” in the Orient, exists from eternity to eternity.  Everything is caused by the Chi, which has its own laws.  Chi is the Universal Life.  All of us have come into existence by the power of Chi. Every object in this Universe obeys the order of the same Mother Energy, the Chi.”

~Justin Stone, originator of T’ai Chi Chih, quoting Swami Rama of India
The Vital Force Journal, July 2002

Justin Stone often referred to Chi as the Cosmic Rhythm.  This rhythm flows in cycles and is circular.  The gentle, circular movements of T’ai Chi Chih teach us the laws and principles that help us get in tune and merge with the Cosmic Rhythm.  When this Cosmic energy flows thru one, Truth is experienced, not described.

The integration of the T’ai Chi Chih principles of movement in our practice and in our lives is an unending journey of getting in tune with the Cosmic Rhythm or Chi. As we begin to embody these ancient Chinese principles our evolution is greatly stepped up and we begin to discover the Truth of Who and What we are and to express this Truth in our lives.

The core T’ai Chi Chih Principles of Movement are:

  • Flowing from the Center / moving from the T’an T’ien
  • Softness and Continuity / the effort of no effort
  • Yinning and Yanging / shifting the weight correctly
  • Focusing in the Soles of the feet / grounding
  • Circularity / in T’ai Chi Chih as in nature, energy flows in circular patterns
  • Polarity / Yin – Yang energy between the palms when the hands face each other